Pathophysiology lecture notes

All files are in Powerpoint (ppt) format. Since the copyright of some of the figures, illustrations is owned by publishers of certain scientific journals and books, the files downloaded from here can by used only by the students of Semmelweis University, who attend the course "Pathophysiology and clinical laboratory medicine", and exclusively for the purpose of learning. For the same reason, these files can be downloaded only from the computers of the university LAN (e.g. Students' Center, Library).


László Tornóci: Heart failure 1-2 (0.3MB)

László Tornóci: Coronary heart disease (0.3MB)

László Tornóci: Pathophysiology of the liver (0.3MB)

Lajos Szollár: Nutrition (31.6MB)

Lajos Szollár: Disturbances of energy metabolism. Obesity (11.9MB)

Lajos Szollár: Metabolic disturbances in diabetes mellitus (47.5MB)

László Tornóci: Autoimmunity, tolerance (0.6MB)

Lajos Szollár: Lipid abnormalities (20.7MB)

Lajos Szollár: Metabolic syndrome (5.5MB)

Lajos Szollár: Atherosclerosis (20.9MB)

László Tornóci: Oncopathophysiology (0.2 MB)

László Tornóci: Malignant diseases of the bone marrow(0.2 MB)

László Tornóci: Consciousness, sleep (0.3 MB)


Miklós Molnár: Respiratory failure (9.8MB)


László Tornóci: Hypersensitivity reactions (4.0MB)

Miklós Molnár: Inflammation (6.0MB)

László Rosivall: Acid-base homeostasis (0.9MB)

László Rosivall: Salt-water homeostasis (0.3MB)

László Rosivall: Acute renal failure (1.2MB)

László Rosivall: Chronic renal failure (0.1MB)

Miklós Molnár: Pain (1.9MB)

Miklós Molnár: Anemia (54.8MB)

Miklós Molnár: Hemostasis (1.3MB)

Miklós Molnár: Aging (9.8MB)


Ákos Koller: Inflammation slides (88MB), text (0.1MB)

Szebeni János: Hypersensitivity reactions (30MB)

Péter Hamar: Peptic ulcer disease (27MB)


Miklós Molnár: Shock (0.2MB)

Miklós Molnár: Adenohypophysis (22.6MB)

Miklós Molnár: The thyroid gland (30.1MB)

Miklós Molnár: Ca, phosphate metabolism, sexual development (14.8MB)

Miklós Molnár: Adrenal gland (40.5MB)


László Rosivall: Hypertension (0.5MB)

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