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With UpdCD you can incorporate updated files (e.g. fixpaks) into your installation CD. In this way you will be able to install a refreshed version of OS/2 on modern systems. You do not have to reinstall fixpaks if you have used selective install. You can boot and install right from the CD. You can incorporate 3rd party products into the CD. Interested? Read on!

Working principle
UpdCD scans your original installation CD-ROM and updates all the files which you provide. Some of the files on the CD can be updated with a simple copy command, but most of them reside in packed (a sort of zip) and zip files and they require some more processing (packing/unpacking). The current version of UpdCD supports updates of single, packed (bundled) or zipped files, which makes it possible to incorporate base OS/2, Device Driver, Printer, MPTS, TCP/IP, PEER, Netware Requester Fixpaks, updates for Feature Installer, Java and new products like TCP/IP 4.x into the CD. The updated CD-ROM is created on your hard disk and can be converted to an ISO image or to a real installation CD-ROM.

Building a refreshed installation CD-ROM...

UpdCD was tested with different versions of OS/2, Base Fixpaks, Device Driver Fixpaks, Printer Driver Fixpaks, MPTS fixpaks, TCP/IP fixpaks, PEER fixpaks, JAVA run-time, toolkit, samples and rmi-iiop fixpaks, Netware Requester update, Feature Installer update, Java updates (run-time, toolkit, samples, rmi-iiop), Netscape Communicator and TCP/IP updates. There is support for Warp 3, Warp 4, WSeB, MCP, ACP and eCS 1.x CD-ROM's. The updated CD-ROM can be made bootable too. A complete update procedure can be found in the package. You may also want to inspect the UpdCD feature matrix.

The graphical user interface of UpdCD

The latest full version of UpdCD is 2.60. It was released on 24.01.2007. You can download it from
this site or from hobbes. Do not forget to check out the Useful Stuff section for the latest fixes and/or test releases.

Your feedback is welcome! We would love to hear your success story in the
UpdCD discussion group! :-) If you have a problem with UpdCD please post to this group first. Do not email me directly, I read the group every day and I will answer as soon as I can! You can also exchange experience with other users. Please keep the log file created by UpdCD handy, I might ask you to zip it and email it to me.

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hear which features you miss from UpdCD. You can also vote on features requested by others.

UpdCD has a long
history... Do not forget to check it out.

Useful stuff

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